Sunday, January 27, 2008

Halogen Floor Lamps (Modern Floor Lamps)

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Modern Floor Lamps

Halogen lighting technology is a step forward for floor lamps.

Tungsten-halogen technology surpasses the traditional incandescent lighting in energy efficiency and the ability to focus the light. While halogen bulbs are not as energy-efficient as fluorescent floor lamps, they are very efficient to pin their light shows in a certain direction, thanks to its parabolic aluminized reflector that redirects light, which would have been scattered in unwanted directions. So, halogen floor lamps are ideal for galleries and gardens, in which certain items have a platform presented. Halogen floor lamps are also perfect reading lights.

Note that halogen floor lamps should be chosen as a reading lamp or the limelight - and not as the primary source of light for a room. Primary halogen floor lamps shine their light on the ceiling and hang from the ceiling white rule to take that light throughout the room. Due to the inefficiency of this process, these lights have to be much more than a special lamp. This application of waste halogen floor lamps in a position to accurately focus light in a narrow beam, and they are only in the rooms with ceilings white or light color, texture missing.

Halogen floor lamps have a very long life - somewhere between 2000 and 3500 hours. They also give a very crisp white light relieved that the burden on the eyes. Added to the fact that they are not in time fade as their predecessors glow, and it is easy to see why halogen headlights are always popular.

They are now more affordable, halogen floor lamps lighting is the ideal choice for many rooms. With your new appreciation for halogen lighting, you can only wait excited for the availability of energy efficient technology in a fluorescent floor lamps. With the halogen floor lamps and a platform for reading and fluorescent tubes for primary lighting, the bulbs May eventually be made obsolete.

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